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oracle hyperion managed hosting

Let your team focus on core competencies and the fundamentals of your business while MindStream optimizes your business analytic applications.

MindStream AppCare is our managed services offering. AppCare acts as an extension of your team. We'll use our experience in managing applications, supporting users, driving end-user adoption, and masterminding application extensions and evolution to challenge the status quo and provide you with key insights and recommendations that are unique to your business needs and goals.

oracle hyperion managed services

Software solutions are often built on different underly technologies, even if they are presented as part of a “suite” of products. Very often the administration of your reporting solution and your planning and budgeting solution can involve very different technical expertise that sometimes requires more than one person to perform your monthly requirements.

This forms a unique demand within an organization, and it’s unique for many reasons. It creates the need for a service provider that is adept at dealing with both groups and is reporting to both. As many companies have found, someone with that combination of skills is often difficult to find, expensive to hire, and the position is often subject to high turnover. However, the other important reasons to choose a managed services firm instead of hiring one or more system administrators are; cost, knowledge, and coverage. Managed Services gives you a team of dedicated support people that allows you to have a built-in Center of Excellence that can respond to your needs on a 24/7/365 basis.

Appcare Managed Services include:

Administration and Support - managing and maintaining application environments to ensure consistent performance and user support including:
  • Supporting end user requests and troubleshooting functional and technical issues
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Administering basic functions such as security, business rules, application processes
Application Extension and Evolution - providing enhancements and new functionalities to quickly respond to business needs and changes including:
  • Rapidly understanding new business requirements and recommending efficient ways to address them
  • Developing new reports and business functionalities
  • Managing the patches and new releases to the production environment
Advisory & Architecture Services - deriving value from your investment by providing insight, recommendations, and driving user adoption including:
  • Technical architecture and roadmap guidance
  • Recommendations on application improvements and performance
  • Insight into upcoming product releases
  • Innovative methods to drive user adoption


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