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EPM and BI Solution Design and Implementation

For your clearer view of corporate-wide performance

Are you considering implementing a high profile, complex analytics project this year? As you know there are always challenges with non-conforming data sources, solution design and architecture, business user engagement, development and project management resources, and ongoing support.

The team at MindStream specializes in data-intensive, analytical solutions for finance, sales, human resource, marketing, supply chain, and information technology – our customer success speaks for itself.

Everyone produces and consumes data, these realities require decision-makers at all levels of the business to embrace their data, analytics, performance management solutions and the technologies that make it possible. However, it doesn’t require organizations to do it alone.

MindStream Analytics is an organization of problem solvers who help derive better insights from what you already know, and help you figure out what you need to know for the future.

We work with business and technology stakeholders in a collaborative, fast-paced, agile project structure. We are focused on delivering meaningful results to you. In 2020, we’ve been named to CIO Applications annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing cloud-based planning consulting and transforming businesses.

Top 10 Cloud Based Planning Consulting Service

MindStream Analytics consultants have years of experience with solutions from major vendors such as OneStream and Oracle, as well as other new technologies. We are equally at home with in-house enterprise solutions and cloud-based applications. We bring together a blend of project management experience and industry best practices to ensure your project is successful.

Here are a few of our implementation services to help you manage the strategic finance solutions designed to grow your business:

Application Reviews

Has your business changed since your solution was implemented? Are your current data sources and targets the same as when you first started? Have you changed administrators several times and are worried about knowledge loss in those transitions? If your solution has been up and running for several years, the answer to these questions is probably... Yes!

MindStream Analytics can help with a thorough review of your application:

  • Review of process and procedures / Reconciled with current software capabilities
  • Review of current administrative practices / Reconciled with industry best practices
  • Data Source and Target review with emphasis on data quality
  • System maintenance rationalization
  • Reports review and rationalization
  • Overall user experience and training recommendations
  • Overall system recommendations

Implementation Projects

MindStream has a long history of successful and timely solution implementations -- including multi-product, and multi-year transformation projects empowering your business decision makers. Our long history of certified consultants with vendors such as Oracle and OneStream Software have allowed us to maintain Gold and Platinum partner status. We've been recognized as innovators winning awards for the solutions we've implemented at our clients.

Some of the things you can expect from our consultants: /p>

  • A highly-trained, courteous, and professional staff
  • Industry specific knowledge of best practices and processes
  • A bridge between technology know-how and business expertise
  • A focus on "do it right" the first time. Keeping an eye on the overall budget.
  • Getting you the optimal solution for your business.

Software Upgrades

Has it been awhile since your last upgrade? Want to know more about the latest and greatest? MindStream can assist you with software upgrades - and get you current. Short on hardware? We can even provide test and staging environments within our Managed Services environment.

Get current with the latest software today:

  • Enhancement/known bug review before any work begins
  • Compatibility of software review for versions of Microsoft and/or web browsers
  • Hardware review for old or outdated equipment
  • Multi-environment installation for Development, Test, and Production
  • Full Documentation and technical transition training for in-house staff
  • Review of backup and recovery procedures


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