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MindStream's Enterprise Data Management Solutions

Disparate systems create data quality concerns across the enterprise. Applications with proprietary databases, legacy systems, cloud and hosted applications, and your own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) don't always talk well together. Erroring data streams, mismatched metadata, duplicate data, re-keying data - all create problems for your data management. MindStream Analytics can help.


We believe in connected data and technology advancements have made it easy to collect and store data, but organizations are struggling with how to keep pace with it and leverage it for business value. With all of this data, created and stored in a multitude of systems, the challenge becomes bringing it all together. How do you unite it, in a central location, where it can be cleaned, formatted, validated, reorganized, summarized, and supplemented with data from other sources and then leveraged by other tools for reporting, analysis and decision-making? If you thought it was challenging before, how will you handle big data now?

The MindStream team are experts in advising, architecting and implementing data management solutions . Whether you're faced with dirty data, trying to make sense of unorganized data, or looking to uncover opportunities to leverage big data we can help you unlock the true value of your enterprise data. We've got answers and options.

Our implementation services include:

  • Enterprise Data Management (Data Warehousing, Operational Data Stores, Data Marts)
  • Big Data and Data Science (Data Hubs/Lakes)
  • Data Integration (Profiling, Quality Management, Data Movement)
  • Master and Reference Data Management

Master Data Management

Master data management provides processes for collecting, aggregating, matching, consolidating, quality-assuring, persisting and distributing enterprise level data and metadata throughout an organization to ensure consistency and control in the ongoing maintenance and application use of this information. A good master data policy and system can improve maintenance , minimize rework, and improve your reporting and analysis.

Good master data management practice is a combination of business process and using a software tool that can removing duplicate, standardize data, and incorporate rules to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system in order to create an authoritative source of master data. MindStream doesn't just implement software - we incorporate business best practices to make sure your Master data are the universal library of products, accounts, employees and customers that your enterprise uses. We identify root cause problems for redundant data being entered by identifying and empowering that authoritative source - without bogging down your business in the process.

This is a great area to see ROI and productivity gains for your business. Let MindStream's Master Data experts streamline your information architecture.

Data Collection, Mapping, and Integration (Formerly known as ETL)

Data Quality is crucial to your organizations ability to make informed decisions. When you're combining data from different sources to provide a unified view of the collected data, you open yourselves to errors and kickouts, duplicate data, and mismatched records. You can also expose issues with version control and update frequency as your business uses more disparate systems. MindStream Analytics has many software tools and best practices to help your company improve your data quality and streamline your business process. We carefully map your data streams, identifying priority and master data - reducing cascading effects of data shared by multiple systems. We can also automate your data feeds for lights out integrations.

Because MindStream has global customers with 24/7/365 operations, our experience allows us to offer solutions that have immediate impact on your data quality.

Data Governance

Gain Control of your Data!

Master Data and Data Integration rely on a process of controls and standards to maintain data definition and integrity. Data governence employs quality monitoring and stewardship to maintain these standards. MindStream Analytics can help ensure that your data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise. Our best practices employ processes and procedures help you ensure that your data can be trusted and that there is transparency and accountability in your data model. If you want to gain control of your data, contact MindStream Analytics today.

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