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Business Intelligence (BI) has traditionally referred to the skills, technologies, applications and practices used to help a business predict, track, analyze and present information as it relates to business operations. Making real-time decisions requires an optimal blend of predictive analytics from multiple data sources. Gaining visibility and reducing complexities transcends merely applying a technology in silos. Much of the data is unstructured, and it needs to be analyzed in real-time.

The ability to optimize operations within a company typically depends on a decision maker's ability to react upon the right information at the right time. Information that is delivered on demand, in real-time will increase operating margins and improve process efficiency. Analytics for operations aims to enable you to respond at the moment you need to.

Operations will continue to evolve by including more components into business analytic solutions. Some of those business analytic activities will be accessed via alerts to various devices, while other activities will involve more predictive analysis.

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BOARD provides a seamless software solution for the support, control and management of core processes such as Reporting and Analyses; Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting; Profitability Modeling and Optimization; Simulation and What-if Analysis; Scorecarding; Financial Consolidation; Statutory and Financial Reporting; Monitoring and Auditing.

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OneStream aligns to your business needs and changes more quickly and easily than any other product by offering one platform and one model for all financial CPM solutions. OneStream employs Guided Workflows, validations and flexible mapping to deliver data quality confidence for all collections and analysis while reducing risk throughout the entire auditable financial process.

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