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At MindStream Analytics, we strive to help organizations perform better, faster, more advanced analytics that will allow them to understand critical business and marketplace drivers. Every company has unique analytic needs and our mission is to provide every client with the best solution. To fulfill that mission, we offer the following services, each provided with MindStream's project methodology and best practices recommendations:

software analysis

Software Selection

Since MindStream Analytics' consultants have worked with many types of analytic software so it is only natural for us to understand each vendor's strengths and weaknesses. We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers and guide them through the selection process. Let us help you make the decision that is right for your company.

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business performance management

Performance Management

MindStream Analytics employs many Corporate Performance Management (CPM) gurus, including the current Oracle Applications User Group's Essbase Domain Lead. CPM competency is a pre-requisite for any analytics company today and MindStream Analytics' staff is among the most seasoned talent available.

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profitability analysis

Profitability Analysis

MindStream Analytics understands the difficulty associated with the development of a strong profitability analysis. Having built many profitability costing Essbase and other tool models, we are very skilled at helping your organization identify and source the appropriate measurements required to build a profitability costing model for your organization.

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oracle hyperion managed services

AppCareManaged Services

We have an in-house team of highly skilled, experienced technical and financial experts. Our Support team is committed to remotely provide timely, accurate responses to fit with your reporting timetable, ensuring that your business-critical applications remain fully operational. Our methodology is to dedicate a specific resource to each client account. In that way, we quickly familiarize ourselves with your specific application. Use our team's expertise to help manage and support your CPM environment to address user queries, change requests, enhancements, training, and process control.

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streaming analytics

Streaming Analytics

MindStream Analytics core competency is the development of statistical analysis and is ready to help our client's organization understand key performance indicators driving behaviors in today's business climate. Whether those patterns are; customer purchase patterns, inventory stocking efficiencies, purchasing models, or any other type of analysis, we can help.Today, the technology exists to analyze data patterns in real-time as they happen. By deploying streaming analytic software tools, MindStream Analytics is a pioneer at the forefront of the next technology revolution.

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business intelligence

Business Intelligence

MindStream Analytics not only understands analysis and the tools that support it, we also understand that presentation of results can be an important factor in understanding the analysis. Therefore, MindStream Analytics also offers Business Intelligence solutions to its clients that support many different types of BI tools and solutions.

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