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Our EPM RoadMap

MindStream Analytics Enterprise Performance Management RoadMap

Are you looking for a strategic roadmap to implement Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Analytics in your organization? Do you have a roadmap in place that is changing due to the variety of Cloud and hybrid solutions being offered?

We know to excel in today's competitive environment companies must have analytical insight across their organization for a clearer view of corporate-wide performance. And we believe the power of technology, combined with best practices and access to relevant information, helps companies gain a competitive advantage with improved planning, reporting, and analysis. A strategic EPM Roadmap is the first step to get you there.

MindStream Analytics' process for developing an EPM Roadmap utilizes a multi-step approach:

    Step 1: Client Questionnaire Evaluation - a template detailing critical functional and technical requirements is provided to key stakeholders. Request for details include the following criteria:
  • Current State Process
  • Current State Environment (Tool-set)
  • Calendar Cycle (Month, Quarter, Annual)
  • Process/Environment challenges
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Drivers/Dependencies
  • Data Sources
  • New Process Definition
  • New Functionality Requirements
  • New Technical Requirements
  • Workflow
  • Support Plan
    Step 2: Key Stakeholder Interviews - once questionnaires are completed, a formal interview process is conducted with our client's key stakeholders to accomplish the following:
  • Gather information from all stakeholder groups
  • Validate key stakeholder findings from questionnaires
  • Whiteboard the process flow - Current State/Desired Future State
  • Prioritize key requirements
  • Evaluate systemic solution options for key requirements
  • Develop consensus
    Step 3: Functional Assessment of Existing Application Artifacts - we evaluate business process requirements, data movement and integration, and we review current Metadata models.
    Step 4: Business Case Comparison Analysis - we review options for upgrades versus migrating to the Cloud versus alternative technology, and we analyze key functional comparisons, maintenance and administrative differences, and ROI comparison.
    Step 5: Comprehensive Assessment - formal documentation is prepared by MindStream and reviewed by key stakeholders, highlighting the information gathered and critical points and planned next steps are summarized .

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