PBCS vs. OneStream

Planning and Budgeting Cloud vs OneStream

If you're thinking about migrating to or starting fresh with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS) and want to know how it compares to OneStream’s Planning solution, we would like to help you navigate this important decision.

Let's start with an overview of each platform.

Oracle PBCS was built from on-prem Hyperion Planning in 2001 and is an on-premise budgeting and planning application. In 2014 the product was moved to the Oracle Cloud. As a cloud application, Oracle Budgeting Software has segmented databases per customer, with shared application servers, which could possibly impact performance.

Yet let's still examine PBCS and compare it to OneStream.

PBCS has the following features:

  • 3 BSO Custom Plan Types
  • 3 ASO Custom Plan Types
  • 1 Consolidated Reporting Cube (Essbase)
  • Direct connection via FDMEE and flat files
  • Smart lists
  • Drillback via URL

Like the on-prem version of Planning, Oracle PBCS does allow for flexibility in making changes to business rules and templates behind the business rules. These are the five frameworks found within EPBCS:

  • Financial Statement Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capital Asset Planning
  • Project Financial Planning
  • Strategic Modeling

Upgrades are driven from Oracle's schedule and are set within a daily maintenance window.

Now let's look at OneStream and its features.

OneStream was developed by the original architects of Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion FDM, on a 100% Microsoft technology stack, running on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. OneStream has a single-tenant architecture, and its customers never have to worry about the impact of other customers on their performance, and they could increase or decrease MS Azure resources as needed.

OneStream has multiple solutions (consolidation, reporting, planning, analysis, data quality) that live together in a single application. Additionally, OneStream’s customer support is focused on 100% customer satisfaction, and this is a key mission for the company.

Upgrades with OneStream are set when the customer is ready, and when it does not interfere with their planning and reporting schedules. The data model for OneStream is relational and supports Relational Blending with dynamic, data that is stored in relational tables, and summarized in virtual cubes to allow for data entry, calculations, and reporting and analysis.

OneStream offers Extensible Dimensionality which supports both corporate and operational requirements. OneStream has direct connections to any system on-premise or cloud and supports Excel spreadsheets and any file format.

Like PBCS OneStream offers static reports, Excel-based reports, and dashboards, but it also leverages reusable columns and rows. This enables the user to have multiple output formats and more customizability than PBCS.

When evaluating PBCS vs. OneStream it is tantamount to your organization's success to determine whether the system you select is scalable, performs well, and provides your organization with new capabilities in addition to providing the data in a fashion that meets the needs of all your decision-makers.

As a multi-vendor consulting and advisory firm, we not only understand what it takes to build these solutions, we know how to maintain them as well. This gives us a 360-degree view of the solution that you only get from years of technical and functional experience. Let us help by arranging demos, coordinating proof of concepts, and give you an unbiased view of the right solution for your business.

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