What is OACS?

Oracle Analytics Cloud Service

OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud) combines existing and new services to deliver comprehensive analytics in the cloud. This delivers industry-standard capabilities as well as new ways to capitalize on your organization's collective intelligence. It provides everything you need for analytic agility, from fast, fluid self-service discovery to simple-yet-sophisticated data loading and blending, powerful inline data prep, data enrichment, automatic visualizations, data storytelling, instant mobile with full authoring, easy and extensible advanced analytics, and more.

The core capabilities of OAC are:

  • Self-service approach to enable users to create stunning visuals to explain their results and share them with colleagues
  • Data preparation and enrichment, which is built into the analytics cloud platform
  • Business scenario modeling, an industry-leading modeling engine for self-service, multidimensional, and visual analyses
  • Proactive mobile that learns your routine and delivers contextual insights, at the right time and location in your daily activities while on the go
  • Enterprise reporting, governance, and security, with a semantic layer that maps complex data into familiar business terms and offers a consolidated view of data across the organization

OAC is a single, central platform with comprehensive capabilities, including:

  • Single source of truth for important enterprise data using a semantic layer
  • Analytics for every need: descriptive, predictive, proactive
  • Governed self-service discovery
  • Search and voice-driven analytics
  • Self-learning analytics delivering proactive insights via mobile devices
  • Proactive, self-learning insights via Day by Day, a native mobile app integrated with OAC
  • Drag-and-drop blending between self-service data and enterprise data
  • User-driven what-if modeling
  • Full range of options for data loading and blending, from self- service to operational integration
  • Powerful inline data preparation and enrichment for all data, from personal to corporate
  • Visual workflows for automating data prep and enrichment
  • Enterprise-class semantic layer for reporting and analysis
  • Simple yet sophisticated data modeling to support enterprise business definitions and analysis
  • Optimized connectivity to on-premises data warehouses using Data Gateway

OAC is a single, centralized solution that provides everything you need in a scalable environment to support varied user requirements for now and in the future. Buy what you need and get the value you want from modern analytics, all while continuing to take advantage of its complete, connected, collaborative platform as you grow. With OAC, you have the freedom to define analyses the way you want to, anytime, anywhere.

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