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Driving Towards a Unified Finance Process with OneStream Software

Shape Corp. , a privately held global supplier of lightweight steel, aluminum, plastic, composite, and hybrid solutions for the automotive industry, is moving towards a more agile finance process with guidance from MindStream Analytics. Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Grand Haven, MI, Shape Corp. specializes in Roll Forming, Pedestrian Protection, Lightweight Body Structures, and Engineered Plastic Products.

The initial phase of our implementation will provide Shape Corp. with a centralized platform for their consolidation and reporting processes. Budgeting & Planning and Account Reconciliations projects have also been identified for future phases.

Shape Corp. chose OneStream Software over Oracle and Host Analytics because of its simplified platform, which eliminates the risk and complexity of data integration, validation, and reconciliation between multiple products and applications, and because of its extensible dimensionality, the ability to extend the platform to address Shape Corp's detailed planning and reporting requirements.

MindStream was selected as Shape Corp's implementation partner because of our functional and technical expertise. Our Services team quickly became a trusted advisor to help Shape Corp. develop a project scope and timeline. This trust resulted in establishing a blended team to deliver the functionality and extensibility of OneStream Software.

  • 5.4.18

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