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Leveraging OneStream Software: Acme Brick's Strategic Move in Financial Transformation

With its rich heritage as a leading manufacturer of brick and masonry products, Acme Brick has recently embarked on a noteworthy journey to elevate its financial management system by integrating OneStream Software. This strategic initiative is not just about adopting new technology; it represents a pivotal shift towards optimizing financial processes and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Rationale Behind the Shift

Rooted in a tradition of excellence since 1891 and now a part of Berkshire Hathaway, Acme Brick has always been at the forefront of adopting practices that ensure sustainability and growth. Recognizing the limitations of its existing IBM TM1 system in meeting the dynamic requirements of today's manufacturing environment, Acme Brick saw the necessity for a more advanced solution. The transition to OneStream Software was driven by the goal to achieve a unified and streamlined financial management platform capable of supporting complex financial operations with agility and accuracy.

Key Milestones in the OneStream Journey

The rollout of OneStream within Acme Brick was meticulously planned and executed across multiple phases. The journey began in February 2022, with significant advancements in financial management realized by September of the same year. The subsequent Phase 2 implementation in July 2023 further solidified OneStream's role as a cornerstone of Acme Brick's financial infrastructure, bringing about notable improvements:

Advanced Budgeting and Cash Flow Management:The introduction of sophisticated budgeting and cash flow forecasting models enabled Acme Brick to adopt a more strategic approach to financial planning, receiving commendation from the CFO for its effectiveness and precision.

Seamless System Integration and Automation:The seamless integration with Acme's existing JD Edwards ERP system facilitated an automated flow of financial data, enhancing the efficiency of data management and reducing the time spent on manual updates.

Refined Sales and Salary Planning:The implementation refined the sales planning process and salary calculations, demonstrating OneStream's capability to accommodate complex financial computations with ease, thereby ensuring more accurate budgeting and forecasting.

Strategic Benefits for the Manufacturing Sector

The adoption of OneStream Software by Acme Brick underscores the strategic value of advanced financial management systems in the manufacturing industry. OneStream's robust platform supports critical real-time analytics and flexible reporting, essential for agile decision-making in a fast-paced manufacturing context. Moreover, its intuitive design ensures broad accessibility across the organization, empowering teams beyond the finance department to leverage deep financial insights.

Forward-Looking Strategy

Acme Brick's commitment to expanding its utilization of OneStream signals a forward-looking strategy aimed at continuously enhancing financial visibility and operational decision-making. This ongoing engagement with OneStream's comprehensive suite of financial tools exemplifies Acme Brick's dedication to maintaining its competitive edge through technological innovation.

Key Takeaways for Industry Peers

Acme Brick's successful integration of OneStream Software into its financial operations offers valuable insights for other manufacturers. It highlights the significance of adopting flexible, integrated financial management solutions that can adapt to the unique challenges of the manufacturing industry, driving efficiency, accuracy, and strategic growth.

In conclusion, Acme Brick's strategic embrace of OneStream Software marks a significant milestone in its continuous quest for operational excellence and financial agility. It is an inspiring model for how manufacturers can leverage technology to navigate the complexities of modern financial management, ensuring sustained growth and competitive advantage.

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