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MindStream Partners with Kloutix Analytics to Bring International Cloud Analytics Solutions to U.S.

Kloutix Analytics makes its entry into U.S. markets with innovative predictive analytics cloud platform through partnership with U.S.-based company MindStream Analytics

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Boston, MA - MindStream Analytics, a leading consulting and managed services provider, announced that it has partnered with Kloutix, an analytics company. MindStream tapped Kloutix for industry-leading cloud analytics on an international scale as both companies increase their scope and scale.

Kloutix is an India-based company that provides pre-built analytics applications and solutions to enterprise organizations across many verticals, from Financial Services, to Telecom, from Hospitality to Media. Kloutix's cloud-based applications lowers inhibitive implementation costs, increasing speed to user adoption.

"Our pre-built, self-service analytical applications can bring down cost and time of implementation by 50 to 80 percent," says Dinesh Jain, CEO & Co-Founder of Kloutix. "At Kloutix, our aim is to provide business analytics that can provide high ROI with minimum investments."

Enterprise organizations are increasingly seeking greater return on investments for implementations of analytics applications, but are stalled by high cost of software, the availability and expense of data scientists, and long gestation periods for implementation. MindStream recognized a need to connect with a partner that can provide solutions with quick time-to-market, particularly for those seeking to understand the value of predictive analytics to their organizations, sometimes without the flexibility to make larger-scale investments. By connecting with Kloutix, MindStream continues to expand its analytics offerings, from highly customized solutions to pre-built architectures and platforms.

"It's not enough for us to say we simply know the value of 'big data,' but also to create the value for customers seeking to implement analytical solutions," says Alex Ladd, CEO & Senior Partner at MindStream. "Kloutix's quick time-to-market and cloud capabilities create valuable returns on analytics investments that MindStream has long advocated."

The partnership will leverage MindStream's long-time analytics expertise in providing technology solutions across multiple industries and Kloutix's new technologies in cloud analytics and predictive analytics. Prominent products in Kloutix's repertoire include: Triton, a digital platform that deploys different technology for different analytical requirements FundSafe, a predictive analytics platform for mutual funds and wealth management and LeadINSIGHTS, a lead management application for end-to-end analytics across multiple channels.

  • 18.11.15

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