Valid Data Intersections

Valid Data Intersections in Oracle's PBCS

The 'Valid Intersections' tool is available in Oracle's Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service. PBCS is a hosted version of the Oracle Hyperion Planning and Data Management/Integration (FDMEE) tools with a particular focus on a completely online-based interface. Users can design input and review forms to access data from certain multi-dimensional intersections, and dictate which intersections are valid for a particular member group. When designing one of these web forms, users must either select intersections manually using hard-coded member combinations, or can simplify populating a list of their choosing using the valid intersections tool. This tool can save countless hours of hand-picking data intersections which can sometimes require thousands of rows to be populated, and is also a much more dynamic option.

'Valid intersections' uses an 'anchor dimension', for example entity or country, to identify the valid intersection with other dimensions. The user can select the combinations of dimensions linked to this anchor, and when that anchor member is identified in a web form, only the intersection with the identified members will appear as valid. Using Oracle's 'Smartview', users can then choose to hide invalid data rows, leaving the form only populated with the intersections they had selected. This allows a form to be generated using a list of the anchor dimensions, and even with the top-level parent of each other dimension referenced in the form, only those identified as valid will appear.

Continuing with the example of an anchor country member, see the possible intersections identified below:

Entity(Country) Legal Entity Product Group Product
Japan Asia Pacific Legal Entity name Online platform, On-site platform, Hosted Service Business Management Suite, Financial Analysis tool,
Canada North America Legal Entity name Online platform, Hosted Service Business Management Suite

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