NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

What is NetSuite Analytics Warehouse?

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) is a new, exciting offering from NetSuite that allows existing and new NetSuite ERP customers to get the most value possible out of the data they are recording and creating with their ERP.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Overview

NSAW marries the robust, detailed data sets incorporated within the NetSuite ERP with Oracle's flagship BI and Data Analytics Tools. The Analytics piece of this leverages Oracle Analytics Cloud , the premier Business Intelligence app among Oracle's product offerings.

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Oracle NetSuite is a leading ERP solution provider, helping manage thousands of organizations across the world. The ERP manages the business end of a corporation's finances and general day-to-day operations.


Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) includes tools to create instant analysis using data from a wide variety of sources. It can leverage machine learning and deep analytics to help to create predictive analyses of data. Feeding it data from your ERP can allow you to create insightful models of markets, supply chains, customer behavior, and more.

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OAC includes traditional data modeling as well, serving as a space to create reliable data models that can serve as the foundational basis for enterprise-wide reporting.


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Oracle's Data Warehouse Cloud is a cloud-based version of Oracle's powerful database architecture. It provides all the benefits of cloud-based technology (low overhead costs, scalable solutions, industry-leading security, etc.) as well as the lineage of industry-leading database tools.


NSAW marries all these together into a product with great potential. The tool implements as an extension of the ERP, becoming a fully functioning OAC instance that is integrated within the ERP menus to feel like a natural part of the ERP product suite.

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NSAW users get the full benefits of OAC and all its features, including logical data modeling, joining data together from multiple sources, and creating shareable intelligence steeped in real ERP data. The data itself is loaded through several pre-built and pre-defined subject areas into OAC, making implementation a straightforward, consistent experience.

Once integrated, the tools can consistently refresh to keep the analyses up to date with the latest data and inputs from the ERP. OAC also contains the ability to connect to additional data sources, as well as the ability to join data from different data sets together. Want to analyze the combination of sales transactions and website activity? With OAC, you can bring ERP transactional data into a joined data set with web analytics to bridge the gap to paint a picture of the full end-to-end user activity of engagement with the company.

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NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is the next step in NetSuite's evolution that provides a fantastic opportunity to leverage existing data in new and exciting ways that will provide insights long sought as well as those that have not even been considered. Talk to MindStream Analytics to learn more about the possibilities available with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse.


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