Extensible Dimensionality

What is Extensible Dimensionality?

Extensible Dimensionality is functionality developed by OneStream Software to enhance the Performance Management product set.The term is used to describe a common problem for companies with different business units. The concept is to give different business units different dimensionality at deeper levels while preserving a common higher level that can be used for corporate reporting. In prior Performance Management systems dimensions are common throughout an application so a dimension is either inclusive of all necessary components or more often is trimmed to just what the common set of members is for the entire company. This problem would lead to the development of multiple applications for different business units, offline models that devalued the Performance Management investment or large dimensions that had only small interest to different groups.

MindStream Analytics offers OneStream's Extensible Dimensionality

Extensible Dimensionality allows for common hierarchies across business units within the same application for the same company. This allows companies to better leverage their investment in Performance Management. Instead of having multiple applications companies can have their entire performance management process inside a single application.

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