Task Lists for Oracle Hyperion Planning

Overview of Task Lists for Oracle Hyperion Planning

The Oracle Hyperion Planning software has a feature called task lists. Task lists are customizable multi-step processes which guide users through a specific business process (e.g. a monthly forecast). Administrators can set up task lists that instruct you in performing specific actions, to help with planning cycles. Each step contains a link to the required artifact necessary for completion of the step. Steps may include reviewing or entering data in a form, running a business rule, or viewing a report. Upon completion of each step, the task list guides the end user to the next step in the process flow. It also allows you to see which tasks have been completed and which ones are still outstanding. Tasks may display instructions, due dates, dependencies, and alerts. Task Lists are used as an integral part of all planning processes.

Task Lists can be used both in Workspace and in Smart View. To access task Lists in Workspace, select My Task Lists in the left hand panel. In that section of the panel you will see all of the task lists that you have access to. Click on a task list to expand it and view the steps. To use Task Lists in Smart View, connect to the application via Shared Connections, select Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition from the drop-down, and drill into your application. There you will find folders for Dimensions, Forms and Task Lists. Drill into the Task List folder to find a list of task lists to access.

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