FinTech Innovations

FinTech Innovations

FinTech Innovations is a premier software and consulting firm with more than 10 years' experience in the EPM, ERP, and BI space. Their mission is to provide seamlessly integrated, validated and compliant financial data at any point in time, enabling customers to focus on analytics to allow better decision making and execution on their business strategy.

Their flagship software, ICE Cloud, connects with best-in-class Enterprise Performance Management platforms - both on-premise and the cloud. The platform manages data, automates processes, and ensures that financial data and processes are always validated and compliant across all applications. With built-in intelligence and out-of-the-box error handling, ICE Cloud dramatically reduces development times, eliminates complexity, increases agility, and reduces risk.


FinTech Innovations

Integration & Automation - Simplifying your Data Management and Improving Transparency

  • Create tailored processes in minutes without writing a single line of code
  • Configure advanced automation with an easy-to-use "Point & Click" user interface
  • Boost your performance with expedited & seamlessly integrated financial data processing of all your applications

Audit & Compliance - Reducing and Controlling your Risk

  • Proactively monitor and validate data of interconnected applications
  • Built-in audit trails for process execution and application changes
  • Create transparent processes, ensuring compliance

Efficiency & Transparency - Improving Business Performance & Increasing your Agility

  • Quickly adapt to changing business requirements
  • Reduce maintenance, simplify migrations and expedite troubleshooting
  • Automate manual tasks leveraging built-in robotics and out-of-the-box intelligence

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We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.

John Naisbitt (Author Megatrends),

Mobile Strategy may finally help realize that long-held aspiration of business intelligence - to get the information that you want anywhere you need it, whenever you need it. Adding mobile capabilities can get more knowledge workers to 'hop on the boat' towards a culture of data driven decision-making.


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MindStream's deep partnerships with best-of-class software providers set us apart from other consulting organizations. When you need to meet a diverse set of analytic needs, our strong relationships with the world's leading technology innovators set us apart.


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