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MindStream Analytics Partners

As a technology consulting services provider, we understand that enterprises come in all shapes and sizes and have varying technology needs.

Organizations are looking for modern tools to reflect their unique business processes. In addition to our expertise in building and optimizing strong enterprise performance management systems, as market leaders, we forge and maintain strong partnerships with a variety of technology providers. That's why we even provide software advisory and selection services. With our depth of expertise in implementations, coupled with our partner connections, MindStream can provide our clients the full advisory and implementation services needed for a successful project.

With our network of partners, you can be assured you are receiving best-in-class service and the latest in expertise. We are business experts who can use a technology agnostic approach to choosing the right product and process. Our enterprise performance management experts are here to clear the fog of uncertainty when choosing a technology partner for your project. In addition, with our depth of technical expertise, we are also technology experts, able to optimize and maximize the value of the products you already own. From our deep understanding of the intricacies of Oracle Hyperion to our data scientists' work in bringing increased insight about organizations through analytics, our close technology partnerships afford us and our clients the leadership we need to help organizations make better decisions, faster.

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