Managing Spreadsheet Risk

For many years, software vendors have predicted the death of the spreadsheet, yet spreadsheets continue to play an important role for nearly every company inthe world. In fact, studies have found that 95% of U.S. companies use spreadsheets in their financial reporting process. Despite their importance, many companies consider a spreadsheet to be nothing more than an end-user tool. Surprisingly few companies have safeguards in place to ensure the accuracy of their spreadsheets given the critical role that they play.

Applied OLAP, founded in 1998, is the world's foremost expert in enterprise-wide Essbase spreadsheet applications. The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System is trusted by companies, ranging in size from midmarket to Fortune 100 to reduce risk and increase productivity.

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System makes it easy for corporate spreadsheet users to build reports dynamically from any number of corporate data sources, including Essbase and any relational database. For IT, Dodeca provides the ability to manage spreadsheet resources and ensure that they are built accurately every time. For Internal Audit, Dodeca controls and manages spreadsheets to give access only to authorized users.

Watch the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System

Some of the key features and functionality:

  • Centralized Repository
  • Security
  • Speed of Thought Analytics
  • Write-back
  • Drill through
  • Version Control
  • Audit Logs
  • Commentary
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Distribution
Download the following datasheets to learn more about Dodeca:

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