Financial Reporting Studio

Financial Reporting Studio is a powerful tool for designing and displaying analytic data.

Within Financial Reporting Studio you have the ability to create highly dynamic reports. One useful piece of functionality that this tool provides is the ability to annotate reports. This tool provides a range of flexibility from simple notations to threaded discussions, providing for collaboration, compliance reporting, and business process analysis. Authorized users have the ability to create, remove, and respond to annotations. Annotations can be attached to a report object (grid, text, chart, and image), and can reference a full or partial POV.

When creating an annotation, a user has the ability to define the title and content of comment as well as specify the exact intersection at which they are commenting. The annotation will exist in the report at the defined intersection. A user can also link attachments to the annotation in the form of a file on their local drive, any object in the repository, or a URL. Furthermore, the annotation creator can apply access control and permission options to selected users, groups, or roles. Access control applies to the top level annotation and all subsequent replies.

A variety of information can be shown for each annotation. In report setup you have the ability to define which if not all of the following you wish to present in each annotation:

  • Status - Displays an Eye icon to indicate viewing rights only, an exclamation icon to indicate that this annotation is no longer associated with an object in repository, or is blank to indicate that this annotation can be viewed and responded to.
  • Title - The annotations title.
  • Author - The creator of the annotation.
  • Description - The annotation description
  • Posted - The date the annotation was created.
  • Source - The database used in the report.
  • Context - The object associated with the annotation. If the object is a Grid, the dimension and members are displayed. If the object is an image, text or chart, the path of the report and object ID is displayed.
  • Category - Predefined categories describing the nature of the annotation. Categories are Comment, Assessment, FYI, Miscellaneous, Other, Performance, or Target.

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