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What is Enterprise Performance Management Software?

Organizations today are faced with more and more uncertainty, forcing them to reinvent management practices and to develop better capabilities to manage their current performance and long-term sustainability of their business. There are greater demands for transparency and accountability and these new demands are piled on top of traditional risks.

Data is also becoming increasingly more complex, less insightful and more difficult to analyze. As a result, executives are facing more pressure to ensure that information about their operations is correct and consistent. They must have confidence in their processes and in the results that they are reporting.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) focuses on supporting integrated management processes on a strategic, financial and operational level enabling organizations to run their business more effectively. EPM Software allows organizations to measure and monitor the success of their business activities and maximize business processes to reach performance goals, thus creating more profit or value for the enterprise.

There are many challenges to implementing, optimizing and realizing the full value of Enterprise Performance Management software. MindStream can help guide you to a solution that enhances your business modeling and enables better analysis and insight into your data. We believe the power of technology, combined with best practices and access to relevant information, gives companies the ability to make effective decisions with improved financial planning, budgeting, reporting, and analysis.

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