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MindStream's Offering Customer Financing

Accelerate Your Project Implementation with MindStream's Capital Solutions

Did you know that nearly 70% of IT purchases are made with the assistance of customer financing? A MindStream Capital solution will address the business needs of both the CIO and the CFO.

Finance the Complete Solution

When you choose to finance, you have the option to wrap the entire solution into one agreement - including the cost of hardware, software, implementation, and post-go-live support. Our customers appreciate the convenience of paying for everything in low, fixed payments and deferring the initial payment to better align with the project completion. MindStream offers a variety of financing models and we will work closely with you to find the best structure to meet your needs.

What's in it for you?

MindStream Analytics is focused on helping you accelerate the start date and the go-live date of your CPM initiative through customer financing. MindStream helps its clients manage cash flows and alignment to their accounting goals. We will fund the transaction in advance by leveraging the client's credit standing for approvals.

Get the Solution you need now... and pay for it over time!

MindStream offers financing solutions for any combination of hardware, software, consulting services, and support including:

  • Financing for 100% software/services projects.
  • Payment deferrals to align to available budgets
  • Terms ranging from 12 to 60 months
  • Step payment structures to meet budget and ROI requirements
  • Monthly/quarterly/annual payments to meet budget cycles
  • Non-appropriations available for public sector clients
  • Complete solution financing that allows acquisition through multiple suppliers
  • Tax-exempt leasing for state and local governments and educational institutions
  • Financing for small and large CPM Initiatives
  • Competitive low-rate financing
We can help you acquire the solution you need now with no upfront costs

- First Payment Deferrals - should a client want to align the first installment on their extended payment terms with the project go-live, MindStream can add a deferral of first payment. Standard deferral is 60 or 90 days but longer terms (6-12 months) are available for strong credit. The payment holiday would be followed by payments aligned to the solution term.

- Short-term Financing - Ideal for the client that prefers to pay in cash but is looking for terms greater than net 30. MindStream would fund the opportunity at delivery and enable the client to make a single payment on terms ranging from 60-270 days. Credit strength would determine the maximum extension.

- Extended Payment Terms - Aligns the payment to the length of the solution term (12-60 months.) It provides additional cash flow flexibility by spreading the cost of the solution throughout the software contract period. First installment would be due 30 days from signature of contract.

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Terms & Conditions

All solutions require credit approval of the end-user and signed acknowledgment of terms and conditions.

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