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What is Smart View for Essbase?

Smartview for Essbase

Essbase Faithful: Smartview parity with Add-in is a REALITY

Smart View is the highly anticipated release with a number of new features for improved interaction with Essbase. It now makes SmartView compelling for the Essbase Add-in Community. In fact, it makes Smartview act and behave like the Essbase add-in and more.

Customers can now take advantage of a new, forward looking architecture, along with the features they enjoy in the Essbase Add-in. For current Smart View users, the new features provide a rich user experience over current functionality. What's New - Smart View

SmartView "Parity":
  • Cannot do a submit data without first refreshing the sheet when changing it.
  • Retains Excel formatting when you zoom in or pivot
  • Select multiple members to do Ad Hoc operations at one time
  • Support for LROs and Linked Partitions
  • Member Name and Alias on Rows
  • Use an alias from an alias table that is not active
  • Sheet Level Options
  • New Zoom Options
  • Formula preservation and Formula fill
  • Range-Based operations
SmartView Enhancements:
  • Multiple grids on a single sheet
  • Linked Reporting Objects
  • Butterfly and reverse formatted reports are now available
  • The POV members are stored on the sheet
  • A Member information button has been added to the ribbon bar
  • New functionality for the Smartview connection information dialog
  • A host of new VBA toolkit functions have been added

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