CXO Cockpit

CXO Cockpit

CXO Cockpit

CXO Cockpit is web-based and mobile EPM reporting suite that offers relevant and interactive dashboards with real-time and financially relevant data toexecutives and the CFO Office, anywhere, anytime. The powerful finance driven functionality checks all the boxes for collaborative and actionable financial analysis and EPM dashboards.

Financial Reporting & Dashboards

CXO Cockpit offers seamless single and Multi-Source connectivity to the following EPM Source systems, inheriting the native source dimensions and respecting the valuable financial intelligence.


The CXO Cockpit is designed by, and designed for financial professionals. This translates to financially intelligent functionality.

  • Built in financial logic & calculations
  • Highly formatted reports
  • Pre built and customizable best practice reporting templates, including
  • Multi Column Reports
  • Waterfall Graphs
  • Portfolio Graphs
  • Multi Scenario Reports
  • Benchmarking & Ranking Reports
  • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and EBITDA templates


All reports and dashboards in the CXO Cockpit are fully interactive and structured around the principal of guided analysis.
  • Drill down functionality
  • Color coding
  • Formatted reports
  • Graphic Data visualization
  • Easily navigate hierarchies


The CXO Cockpit delivers relevant and actionable KPI's to executives through interactive and financially-intelligent dashboards and a highly intuitive user interface.

  • Clickable graphs and reports
  • In-report controls
  • User definable data filters
  • Split second responsiveness
  • Word-style editors for commenting
  • Fast switching between dimensions
  • Collaboration & Sharing Analysis with Actionable Dashboards


Generic BI tool reporting is generally excel focused and based on static data. CXO Cockpit makes financial reporting dynamic and actionable.

  • Sharing dynamic reports via email
  • Output and print paper books
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF or PowerPoint
  • Generate Management Packs of reports
  • Because of the web-based and mobile availability of CXO Cockpit dashboards, reports can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Compatibility with mobile devices

  • iOS Native App
  • Android App
  • Mobile Browsers
  • Browser independence
  • Fast, Easy & Safe


The CXO Cockpit is a quick to implement and finance-owned reporting suite.

  • Design, Build and publish reports without need for external consultancy
  • 2 -3 week implementation
  • Small IT footprint


The CXO Cockpit allows for controlling the security and visibility of reports and data on multiple levels.

  • Multiple level user roles & rights
  • Draft data visibility based on user roles
  • Single sign on
  • SSL

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