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From the Desk of Alex Ladd

Finance professionals must be put into a position where they can spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it. Predictive analytics technologies enable you predict what will happen in the future with confidence, so that you make better business decisions. You can apply modeling techniques to discover trends in your structured and unstructured data, and then deliver optimized, empowered business decisions.


To transform customer attitudes, you must create personalized experiences to which they can relate. This may entail competing for customers that use mobile devices and social media, data that is growing at an incredible rate. As all of the three "s" - variety, volume and velocity - of both structured and unstructured data increase, so does the demand for analytic capabilities to keep up with it all.


The ability to optimize operations within a company typically depends on a decision maker's ability to react upon the right information at the right time. Information that is delivered on demand, in real-time will increase operating margins and improve process efficiency. Analytics for operations aims to enable you to respond at the moment you need to.


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Oracle FDM

Oracle (FDM)- FDM "Drill to Anything"

There is more than one way to 'drill down'. MindStream has also developed a customized, enhancement for Oracle's Hyperion FDQM to enable its clients to drill-back from Hyperion Applications into any source system. Our custom Source Adapter for Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Drill-into-anything (DIA), enhances and extends the functionality of Oracle's ERPi.

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