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What is EPM?

Enterprise Performance Management

What if you could have timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence with which to plan and control your entire organization?

What if you could have the most important metrics to measure the performance of the organization at your fingertips?

What if all your management systems could work together to provide what you need when you need it?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) provides the answers by improving your planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidations, and financial analysis. Enterprise Performance Management focuses on managing integrated business processes on a strategic, financial, and operational level to enable an organization to more effectively run its business. EPM creates a competitive advantage for companies who adopt solutions by enabling them to anticipate and respond to a changing business climate faster than their competitors.

MindStream Analytics understands these questions and works with companies of various sizes and industries to respond to their unique needs. Our team of experts can help guide you to a solution, either on premise or in the Cloud, that can enhance your business modeling and enable better analysis and insight into your data. We believe that the power of technology combined with best practices and access to relevant information, helps companies gain a competitive advantage with improved planning, budgeting, reporting, and analysis.

Enterprise Performance Management is also known as business performance management (BPM) and corporate performance management (CPM). The goal of EPM is to provide companies with significant business insights through processes like budgeting, scenario analysis, financial planning, forecasting, and data reporting.

EPM often includes the following important management processes: Creation of a business model and identification of business goals; Planning, budgeting, and forecasting; Merging results and closing financial books on a regular basis; Sharing results with all internal and external stakeholders; Analysis of business performance compared to the plan, previous years and across products and divisions; and Remodeling based on the results and new forecasts.

The benefits of MindStream implementing, optimizing, and managing your Enterprise Performance Management solution:

  • Accountability and visibility
  • Timely actionable information
  • Decreased total cost of ownership
  • Increased return on investment
  • A defined business process framework
  • Connected business processes
  • Standardized management processes
  • Increased predictability, reduced risk
  • Strategic, competitive advantage
  • Enhanced efficiency and adaptability
  • Augmented organizational flexibility
  • Improved communication
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Governance and compliance
  • Better preparation for change

As a premier consulting and application managed services provider, we help organizations acquire, implement, host, and manage performance management solutions including Oracle Hyperion and OneStream Software. Our team is made up of business and technical experts with years of experience with Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics.

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