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There is a very useful function available to business rule authors, @RETURN . This function allows you to return a message to the user executing the business rule and terminate the business rule. One very valuable use of this function is when verifying the values input into run time prompts. I use it extensively in building business rules for workforce and capex planning where there may be multiple inputs obtained using run time variables.

The format of the function is @RETURN( msg, ERROR). The msg can be a literal or, more interestingly, can be the @CONCATENATE function which can be used to return values of dimensions or even the value input into the run time variable.

  •  The @RETURN can only be used in a Member Calc Block.
  •  The documentation says that there are multiple values for the second parameter but the only one that works is ERROR without quotes.
  •  The message is returned to the user and logged to the Essbase application log.
  •  FIX to a single intersection so that the edits are only done once.
  •  May need SET CREATENONMISSINGBLK ON if the intersection that you use for the edit does not exist. Make sure to turn it off after the edits.
  •  The @RETURN terminates the business rule execution but cannot stop the saving of the data on the form.
  •   Example 1 - fix and return literal message :
    • FIX( "Budget","Working",{gv_1_Entity},{gv_1_CostCenter},{gv_1_Project},{gv_Exempt},"No Employee","Local_Input",&svBudYear,"BegBalance" )



      /* Must be at the base level of Entity, Cost Center and Project */

      IF( NOT @ISLEV("Entity" , 0) )

      @RETURN( "You must select a base level Entity member.", ERROR );


      IF( NOT @ISLEV("CostCenters" , 0) )

      @RETURN( "You must select a base level Cost Center member.", ERROR );


      IF( NOT @ISLEV("Projects" , 0) )

      @RETURN( "You must select a base level Projects member.", ERROR );


      /* Backfill end month must be after the hire month if entered */

      IF( {gv_EndMonth} != #Missing )

      IF( {gv_EndMonth} < {gv_HireMonth}->"MonthNumber" )

      @RETURN( "The backfill end month must be after the hire month.", ERROR );



      /* AIP or Sales or Production no two */

      IF( {gv_AIP_Pct} > 0 )

      IF( {gv_SalesIncentive_Pct} > 0 )

      @RETURN( "If an AIP % is entered then Sales Incentive Target % cannot be.", ERROR );


      IF ( {gv_ProdIncentive_Pct} > 0 )

      @RETURN( "If a AIP % is entered then Production Incentive Target % cannot be.", ERROR );




      /* Sales not Production */

      IF( {gv_AIP_Pct} == 0 )

      IF( {gv_SalesIncentive_Pct} > 0 )

      IF( {gv_ProdIncentive_Pct} > 0 )

      @RETURN( "If a Sales Incentive Target % is entered then Production Incentive Target % cannot be.", ERROR );







  •  Example 2 - Using @CONCATENATE :
    • IF( ( {lv_Promotion_Pct} / 100.0 ) < "Promotion Type 1 Minimum Increase Percent"->"No Employee"-->"NoBusinessUnit">"NoOperatingUnit"->"NoDepartment"->"NoEmployeeType"->"NoProject" ->"NoProduct"->"BegBalance" OR ( {lv_Promotion_Pct} / 100.0 ) > "Promotion Type 1 Maximum Increase Percent"->"No Employee"->"NoBusinessUnit"->"NoOperatingUnit"->"NoDepartment"->"NoEmployeeType">"NoProject" ->"NoProduct"->"BegBalance" )

      @RETURN(@CONCATENATE( "The Promotion Percent must be between ",

      @CONCATENATE( @CalcMgrDoubleToString(@ROUND( "Promotion Type 1 Minimum Increase Percent"->"No Employee"->"NoBusinessUnit"->"NoOperatingUnit"-->"NoDepartment"->"NoEmployeeType"->"NoProject"->"NoProduct"->"BegBalance" * 100, 2 ) ),

      @CONCATENATE( " and ", @CalcMgrDoubleToString(@ROUND( "Promotion Type 1 Maximum Increase Percent"->"No Employee"-->"NoBusinessUnit"->"NoOperatingUnit"->"NoDepartment"-->"NoEmployeeType"->"NoProject"->"NoProduct"->"BegBalance" * 100, 2 ) ) ) ) ),ERROR);

I have shown you examples of how to use the @RETURN function to add functionality to your business rules to enforce edits and inform the user of the errors. I hope you find this useful.

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