Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud 2018 Update

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Oracle updates all Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud (EPRCS) environments monthly to address defects and introduce new features. These updates are delivered automatically on specific dates scheduled by Oracle, during the mandatory daily maintenance window. Keep in mind that while you can configure your daily maintenance window time, you can't change the dates these updates are applied. Oracle announces next month's update dates via newsletter at the end of each month. Any schedule changes are also announced via the newsletter, which is automatically sent to all cloud administrators.

Here is a summary of some of the important features that were added to EPRCS in 2018 (Jan-Jun 2018)-

  • PDF-Based Report Packages:

In addition to Word and PowerPoint-based report packages, EPRCS now supports PDF-based report packages to collaboratively develop PDF reports while keeping common format elements like headers and footers uniform across the report package.

  • Smart View Enhancements:

Create Word and PowerPoint-based report package structures and content using Smart View by targeting a folder structure or a single file in your file system or network. Smart View can also be used directly to add sections, doclets, supplemental doclets, and reference doclets to the Word, PowerPoint, and PDF-based report packages now. While the web interface then needs to be used to complete the report package definition like defining the development phases, once a doclet's author phase has been enabled, the authors for it can be assigned from Smart View. Smart View can be used to exclude it from the author phase too.

  • Report Package Distributions:

EPRCS now allows Report Package distributions at any point in the report development process. The entire report or a limited defined subset of the report content can be shared with recipients who can view this content even if they aren't participating in the report development process. Also, when a report package owner executes a distribution, recipients can now launch Smart View, open the report package, navigate to the new Distributions panel, and view or download the distribution in PDF format from MS Office.

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