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Creating a List Box Parameter to Display Different Lists Based on Security

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Clients frequently request limiting what users can see in OneStream based on security. These requests can vary greatly, but the following example can be used in a similar fashion in order to restrict, or grant access to “something” based on security, to fill the client's requirement.

The example is going to show how to utilize security to display different lists in a List Box dashboard component.

How to execute the security-based list for your List Box Component?

1. Create an XFBR for the Parameter with a Security Group Boolean check: In this simple example, we are checking to see whether the user is in the “SalaryAcctGroup” security group. If the user is IN the group, then it will bring back a list that INCLUDES “A#SalaryAccounts”. If the user is NOT in the group, then it will bring back the same list EXCLUDING “A#SalaryAccounts”.

Create XFBR

2. Create a parameter to assign the XFBR to the Member Filter: With the parameter set up properly, it will return the appropriate member filter based on whether the user is in the “SalaryAcctGroup”.

oracle epm automate

3. Create List Box and Assign the Parameter: The parameter that was created above is assigned as the Bound Parameter.

oracle epm automate

4. Results: What users will see in their respective List Box.

oracle epm automate

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