FDMEE Import Formats

Import formats are the mechanism that allows FDMEE to read and parse the source extract file. The import format identifies the file type (delimited CSV) and what information to pull from the file directly from the data source without manual file manipulation. Each data load location must be assigned an import group that will be used when importing data files. Import groups instruct FDMEE on how to interpret source files and transform them into data that can be loaded into the Hyperion Planning data structure. More data can be included in the file than match the dimensions and mapped via the FDMEE mapping tool and/or ignored.

The import format form is arranged in a master/detail format. In FDMEE , the top grid of the Import Format module shows the import group, and the bottom grid is where the fields for a group are defined.

Once the import format is created, the source file layout must remain the same for future data loading. Should the source file format change, the import will fail and the corresponding import format will need to be updated.

Import Scripts are commonly used to manipulate source data upon importing a source file into FDMEE . Import scripts are executed during the import process (source data being imported into FDMEE) and run on every line of the source file being imported. When Hyperion FDMEE reads a source file, it automatically skips every line that does not contain a valid or 0.00 amount, but scripts in the Amount field will still be executed.

FDMEE Import Formats

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