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Oracle Smart View Excel

Oracle Smart View for Microsoft Office is an add-in used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel , Word, and PowerPoint applications. Companies can leverage Smart View as the main tool for current reporting - but with quick integration to Word or PowerPoint, it can also become a powerful add-in.

Building custom and adaptable reports is an ever-growing need in the financial industry. As reporting guidelines change and the need for more information within your company expands, you must have the tools needed to make these changes.

Smart View allows you to design all your financial reports � including SEC tables � within Excel. This all-in-one tool lets you do everything from adding new accounts and creating alternate reporting hierarchies to refreshing reports with new dates.

It provides a user-friendly experience by allowing you to leverage Excel. This also shortens the learning curve for new and current employees since they are usually already familiar with the tool. As a result, they can easily build new reports, modify existing ones, or quickly perform ad-hoc analysis.

The platform creates a connection to your Oracle Cloud source system, such as NetSuite Planning & Budgeting , Oracle Hyperion Financial Management , Oracle Essbase , and Oracle Intelligence Enterprise. It transfers data from the source system so you can download information, analyze it, and collaborate with other team members by using the features in Excel.


You can create the connection between Smart View and your EPM by using a shared or private connection. With the Smart View Panel, you can view lists, smart forms, ad-hoc grids, and task lists. The system allows you to perform efficient ad-hoc analysis or quickly pull data into excel with pre-built web forms. Users can create a report in Smart View and then save it to the cloud system for easy viewing on the web application. It is simple to save reports as excel files and share them with other team members, and you can open and refresh data at any time. The connection to Smart View allows you to make changes to your database directly in excel - update dimensions, add alternate reporting hierarchies, load actuals, budget, or forecast numbers without leaving the application!

What else can you do with Smart View for Excel? It gives you tools to zoom in on accounts to see lower-level detail or zoom out to consolidate at higher views. You can also remove accounts from a report if they don�t provide any value � even if it means hiding all but one. Similarly, you can select multiple members to add to your reports, such as different subsidiaries, departments, scenarios, periods, and years.

The cascade feature lets users take an existing report and recreate it across multiple sheets or even a new workbook. For example, you can create a report for one subsidiary, then cascade it into different sheets for all other subsidiaries.

When you use a prebuilt report or a custom ad-hoc report, you can quickly refresh your data with the most recent information. You can change your point of view and refresh the data again with the click of a button. You don't need to change the report you are in!

Smart View makes creating budget templates easy, too. Just drop in your updated numbers for the year, then press 'submit' to load the data from Excel directly into your EPM.

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