Anaplan Vs Excel

How does Anaplan compare against Excel

Anaplan provides large-scale collaborative planning and decision-making across every area of your business in a platform built in the cloud. It leverages standards-based data integration, allowing you to bring in data from any source. Anaplan combines the benefits of cube, columnar, and cell-based frameworks with an in-memory modeling environment and a multi-threaded calculation engine to meet real-time modeling and calculation demands.

Anaplan's multidimensional platform offers a powerful modeling and calculation engine that allows you to make instant changes to models of any size. With this Connected Planning platform, you can:

  • Execute "what-if" scenarios without administrative burden
  • Control security by restricting access to any individual cell, intersection of data, or sheet
  • Quickly replicate what would take hours to build in Excel
  • Plan across multiple dimensions (time, months, years, geography, regions, and global rollup.)

Although many companies still use Excel to plan, budget, analyze, and report, it's a struggle to compete in today's rapidly changing economy by managing static data in standalone spreadsheets. And from a modeling perspective, one of Excel's most significant shortcomings is its scalability and constraints of a two-dimensional platform.

At MindStream Analytics, our knowledgeable consultants can help your organization understand if Anaplan is right for your business. MindStream was formed by a diverse team of Performance Management consultants and Industry leaders with years of planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting experience.

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Anaplan is the planning cloud for Sales, Operations, Finance, and HR. We built our platform from the ground up to empower you to plan, collaborate, and act-in real-time. Anaplan enables you to deploy easy-to-use applications to solve complex planning challenges across your organization.

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