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Mindstream analytics drives high user adoption rates through engaging and partnering with organizations to deliver highly valuable business intelligence solutions

Designing and deploying a Business Intelligence (BI) solution is a great way to generate valuable intel on your business and uncover ways to generate and sustain growth. However, if no one is looking at the dashboards and other reporting objects then that value continues to be lost.

MindStream Analytics partners with your organization to drive high user adoption rates across your teams to ensure you are achieving the full potential of your BI implementation. Our team of experienced consultants will:

  • Immerse themselves in your team to understand your corporate culture and the status quo of your BI implementation
  • Interview your users to gain an independent understanding of their expectations and needs
  • Analyze the existing BI architecture, from the hardware to the reports themselves
  • Identify gaps between the users' expectations and needs to the actual output of the BI stack
  • Design solutions to bridge the gaps and provide a higher functioning implementation
  • Build user tracking tools within OBIEE to monitor usage and performance of the environment
  • Establish a BI Control Board comprised of both business and technical leaders to meet regularly to discuss ongoing efforts and high priority items to align vision and strategy

We believe these components are the core of what drives user adoption, regardless of industry. For users to be engaged fully, the output from BI must demand their attention and the BI teams must be ready, willing, and able to provide support to those users who are using their system. Having business champions who meet regularly with technical leadership is also key, as they will drive the need to for the users to be active and engage from the top down.

Are you struggling to motivate your user base to migrate to or adopt a new reporting suite? Contact us to learn more about how MindStream Analytics will partner with you to increase your adoption rates and turn your BI program into long term success.

For more information on how MindStream Analytics can help you take your vision and transform it into a winning game plan please visit our company website at or call us at 1-800-497-0151.

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