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Firms that want to be proactive in reaching out to customers through digital advertising must analyze a great deal more information than simply what they searched for or clicked on while surfing the web.

The convergence of social media and data analytics alone has had a profound effect. There are a number of social media growth drivers, but the number of individuals accessing the internet via mobile phone alone has increased by 60% over the past two years.

The voice of the customer is useless unless you are ready to take action. Real-time listening across channels may identify customer interactions - across technology platforms - that can lead to real-time decisions on taking action. If Mary tried to unsuccessfully download from your web set, then placed an order that could not be fulfilled and then posted a negative comment on Facebook, leveraging technology enabled analytics would signal that an action plan is needed for Mary. In addition to increasing customer retention, you also may be able to proactively predict future reasons for customer contact.

At MindStream, our Software Selection Methodology addresses all the pitfalls of the traditional process. We are vendor agnostic. Our resources are trained and experienced with all of the key EPM and Analytics vendors. We know the good, the bad, and the ugly with each. We also focus much of our efforts on how the new software needs to integrate with existing ERP, CRM, and Operational systems to facilitate both implementation of the new software and optimize long term maintenance. We help guide our clients to achieve a broader and more sustainable software decision.

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