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MindStream Analytics Partners with Lavastorm to Provide Industry Leading Self-Service and Advanced Analytics Software to Customers

With Lavastorm's Advanced Analytics Software, MindStream can offer enhanced enterprise data governance and data confidence

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Boston, MA - MindStream Analytics, a leading consulting and managed services provider, announced a partnership with Lavastorm Analytics today to provide powerful self-service and advanced analytics software to enterprise customers. This agreement will expand upon the company's robust enterprise solution offerings to now enable customers to quickly build sophisticated, governed analytical flows that accelerate business insights and promote data confidence.

MindStream has sought to build partnerships that reflect the needs of customers in the ever-changing, ever-expanding "Big Data" landscape. For customers seeking more flexibility, transparency, and speed of availability in its data supply chain, Lavastorm's ease-of-development, ease-of-use, and comprehensible visual configuration environment are benefits MindStream can now extend to its customers, accompanied by the same expert enterprise performance management, business intelligence, and analytics professional services for which MindStream is renowned.image001

"MindStream Analytics prides itself in bringing the foremost in business intelligence and analytics technology to our customers," said Alexander Ladd, CEO & Senior Partner of MindStream Analytics. "Our partnership with Lavastorm is a reflection of this commitment."

Lavastorm has been providing self-service data preparation capabilities to some of the largest enterprise companies for over a decade, enabling them to quickly access data and build analytic applications on their own.

"We are excited to partner with MindStream Analytics to help our customers speed time to business insights that can lead to improved business processes and maintain competitive advantage," said Michael Hortatsos, Director of Partner Development at Lavastorm Analytics.

  • 25.5.16

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