What is Marketing Analytics ?

Data Driven Marketing

What is Marketing Analytics ? And Why it Matters?

Marketing has always been about data, but the data available today has skyrocketed. It continues to arrive at warp speed with ever increasing granularity. From first party to third party data, the data available today is a treasure trove of golden info on markets, segments and even individual consumers.

Thanks to technology, customers interact with brands in ways that were not even imagined just a few short years ago. One-directional advertising though static media channels guided customer relationships. Interactions today are complex and multi-directional. The customer has a voice in establishing the relationship- and will also use that voice to communicate to others through mobile and social media channels.

The bottom line is all about engaging the customer. The customer relationship has become the greatest company asset. Stronger customer relationships are forged through thoughtful use of marketing analytics. In this age of the customer, empowered buyers erase traditional competitive advantages. You want to take action on deep customer knowledge before your competitor does while avoiding the shiny temptation of marketing only to things, such as channels, devices and technology.

Forward-thinking marketing organizations make use of innovative, integrated technology to engage customers in a more personalized way. They use marketing analytics to create the foundation for more successful campaigns and timely decisions.

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