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Data Appliances impact on Large Dataset Analysis

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With Oracle's acquisition of Sun we are seeing the data appliance markets become more entrenched. The data appliance is a custom built server that is tuned specially to run a particular piece of software. The data appliance is built to handle the processing of large amounts of information.

Software vendors are beginning to offer them as a way to increase the performance of their software and hopefully reduce their support costs. Products such as Oracle's Exadata and Netezza's TwinFin data warehouse appliance are perfect examples of data appliances put on the market to allow corporations to analyze ever bigger data sets. These machines work as turbo chargers for the database packages that operate on them.

With IBM's creation of InfoSphere or System S, the need to compete against software that can allow users to analyze information in the petabyte range (1 million gigabytes) has brought about the data appliance market. Vendors such as Oracle with their Oracle Database software and Microsoft's SQL Server use the appliances to ratchet-up performance while their engineers try to develop something to compete with InfoSphere.

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