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NetSuite Suite Analytics and Oracle's NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) are two different solutions offered to enhance your existing NetSuite environment. Here we will learn more about what these two offerings are as well as what makes them different.

Suite Analytics

Suite Analytics is the built-in reporting and analysis tool for NetSuite. With Suite Analytics you can see your real-time NetSuite data. Utilizing the pre-built analytic capabilities, the tool can provide you with key metrics needed for reporting. Organize all your NetSuite data in one easy-to-view dashboard with the reports, metrics, and additional analysis you want to see.

Suite Analytics provides additional functionality for automating reporting processes and streamlining the data for easy and efficient decision-making. Spend more time reviewing the data than building the reports. Since Suite Analytics is built-in to your NetSuite environment there is no need for complex programming by utilizing easy-to-use tools to build reports, saved searches, and dashboards.

Suite Analytics utilizes Saved Searches to build many different tables of information, connecting all the different aspects of your business in these customizable saved searches. These saved searches also enable you to export your NetSuite data to be used in other external reporting sources. The Updated Data Model allows users to define custom fields and create multiple areas to join your data in the saved searches.

The Suite Analytics Workbook is a tool that enables users to explore all your NetSuite data in real-time. The workbook can be used to pivot any of the reports to view the data from different angles, filter the data, and drill down to see the detail from within Suite Analytics. Charting is a function that enables you to analyze trends in the data to be able to make informed decisions quicker. Save your Suite Analytics workbooks to be re-used again later or to share with other users.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW)

The NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is a cloud-based solution for a data warehouse and analytics processing tool all-in-one. Consolidate all your various data sources including your existing NetSuite data, CSV files, or other business systems into a single location.

Using Oracle Analytics Cloud and the Oracle Analytics Data warehouse you can perform analyses based on the built-in capabilities or have your business develop its custom analyses. The Oracle Analytics cloud assists in providing machine-learning capabilities to enhance your analytics. View all your data in a unified, meaningful dashboard to be able to make accurate business decisions. These dashboards can even be personalized to individual users or groups who need the information and can truly rely on it. NSAW dashboards are created to provide clear visual representations of all your data that is managed in a single location.

From the dashboards, there is additional capability to drill down to the line-level detail which can also include the data source. Users can save time by utilizing the presentation-ready reporting functionality in the system that can be exported to PDF or other formats. If there are other reporting needs the detail itself can also be exported to excel for use.

This solution was designed for a swift deployment utilizing pre-built multidimensional NetSuite data objects to get your team the answers they need right away. The NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is a secure environment for storing all of your companies' data. NSAW provides tools to manage and define user-level security across all the various data sources without providing users direct access to the NetSuite application or any other source system.


Suite Analytics is a helpful reporting and analysis tool that is pre-built into your NetSuite environment, while Oracle's NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is an extendable solution for your NetSuite environment. Both tools are very useful in their analytics capabilities, however, NSAW provides additional functionality utilizing the power of the Oracle Analytics Cloud. This provides for increased performance of even more data, as well as machine-learning software to further enhance your data.

Suite Analytics is limited to your NetSuite environment and data. NSAW is easily integrated with your NetSuite data, through the built-in saved searches, and includes the capability to connect other sources of data and import data utilizing CSV files to provide a more complete reporting and analysis environment. Due to NSAW integrating multiple other data sources it also utilizes the Oracle Analytics Data Warehouse to store the data. This provides another level to view and manage all your data in one secure location. Users can access NSAW without access to your NetSuite environment.

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