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  • Social Media ROI

    The need to stay connected to your customers has never been greater. The ROI is apparent, but most companies are not there yet. Most businesses generate volumes of customer data from surveys, social media feeds, purchase tracking and third party data. By synchronizing cross-channel customer engagement activities, customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention is improved substantially.

  • Mashboards

    Mashboards act as real-time dashboards. Mashboard elements may include presentation of key metrics and KPI's, as well as any other structured or unstructured content. They allow businesses to create or add mash-up components that may analyze and present data from disparate systems. The term mash-up comes from the hip-hop music practice of mixing two or more songs.

  • Collaboration

    Social Collaboration engages people. Whether it's with customers, partners, or employees, forward-thinking organizations are using collaboration technologies to improve efficiency and drive innovation, while getting closer to their customers. MindStream analytics has the partnerships and expertise to help you recognize the value of social collaboration in business environments.

Enterprise Performance Management

Business continues to change at an ever more rapid pace. Volatile market dynamics have immediate impact on a global scale. Organizations today are faced with higher degrees of uncertainty, forcing them to reinvent management practices, and to develop superior capabilities to manage the current performance and long term sustainability of their business. Corporate Boards and regulators are placing greater demands for transparency and accountability on these organizations. These new demands are piled on top of the traditional risks of globalization, deregulation, technology advancements, and commoditization. Data is also becoming increasingly more complex, less insightful and more difficult to analyze. As a result, executives are facing more pressure to ensure that information about their operations is correct and consistent. They must have confidence in their processes and in the results that they are reporting.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a management discipline that focuses on supporting integrated management processes on a strategic, financial and operational level enabling organizations to more effectively run their business. What if you could have timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence with which to plan and control your entire organization? What if you could have the most important metrics to measure the performance of the organization at your fingertips? What if all of your management systems could work together to provide what you need, when you need it? There are many benefits to EPM:

  • Augmented organizational flexibility
  • Improved communication
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Governance and compliance
  • Better preparation for changes
  • Superior business management
  • Connected business processes
  • Defined Business process framework
  • Accountability and visibility
  • Timely actionable information
  • Decreased total cost of ownership
  • Increased return on investment
  • Leverage ERP / CRM systems
  • Increased predictability
  • Reduced risk
  • Strategic, competitive advantage
  • Standardized management processes
  • Enhanced efficiency and adaptability

As always there are many challenges to implementing, optimizing and realizing full value of an EPM system implementation. There are many factors that may lead to challenges for companies. How will my business process change? What changes can be made that better leverage the technology? How do we integrate the data? Who should have access to what? How can we optimize our system for performance and ease of maintenance?

MindStream Analytics has years of experience dealing with these questions and working with companies and their EPM needs. EPM can create a competitive advantage for the companies that adopt it by enabling them to anticipate and respond to a changing business climate faster than their peers. MindStream can help you achieve your advantage.

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