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MindStream Security Services

MindStream Security Services, aka MSS, is a multi tool combined to one.

  • 1. MSS can be used to assign security using member filters
  • 2. MSS acts as a security reporting tool
  • 3. MSS acts as a security audit reporting tool


The following operations can be performed using Assigner

1. Update/Assign dimension (members) security using member filters (You can perform operations like assign "East" group to all descendants of East member.)

2. Update/Assign workflow security using flat files (You can perform operations like add "East" group as Workflow executor for all import profiles under "East" workflow)

3. Update/Assign workflow entities using member filters (You can perform operations like assign add all base members of "East" to "East" workflow)


The following reports are available

1. Dimensions

2. Workflows

3. Confirmation Rules

  • a. Groups
  • b. Profiles

4. Certification Questions

  • a. Groups
  • b. Profiles

5. Data Sources

  • a. Fixed
  • b. Delimited
  • c. Connectors
  • d. Data Management Export Sequences

6. Transformation Rules

  • a. Groups
  • b. Profiles

7. Form Templates

  • a. Groups
  • b. Profiles

8. Cube Views

  • a. Groups
  • b. Profiles

9. Dashboards

  • a. Maintenance Units
  • b. Groups
  • c. Profiles

10. Business Rules

  • a. Finance
  • b. Parser
  • c. Connector
  • d. Conditional
  • e. Derivative
  • f. Cube View Extender
  • g. Dashboard Data Set
  • h. Dashboard Extender
  • i. Dashboard XFBR
  • j. Spreadsheet (from version 5.2)
  • k. Extender
  • l. System Extender

11. Event Handlers

  • a. Data Management
  • b. Data Quality
  • c. Forms
  • d. Journals
  • e. Save Data
  • f. Transformation
  • g. Workflow
  • h. Wcf

12. Data Management

  • a. Groups
  • b. Profiles

13. Data Access

  • a. Data Cell
  • b. Data Cell Conditional Input
  • c. Data Management


You can audit all the security changes for the groups mentioned above.

You can choose a range of dates to perform the audit.

MindStream Security Services


  • Assign/Update security in an easier way
  •  One-Stop-Place for all security reporting and auditing need
  •  Email Security reports and Audit reports *

*Email connection setup needed

*Configuring external dlls needed

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