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MindStream MetaData Manager

MindStream Metadata Manager, aka MMM, allows you within OneStream XF to perform any metadata related activities like building or extracting a dimension.

MMM allows you to perform a replace load of an existing hierarchy within OneStream XF.


  • Build a dimension using a Parent-Child file with properties
  • Build a dimension from a SQL query*
  • Delete orphan members in a dimension
  • Update properties only
  • Load Varying member properties using a flat-file
  • Load Varying member properties using a SQL query*
  • Load pre-build OneStream metadata file stored on OS server
  • Load pre-build OneStream metadata file stored on external server
  • Export a dimension/hierarchy as OS XML format file
  • Export a dimension/hierarchy as Parent-Child file
  • Ignore orphan members/hierarchies during an export

*External connection setup needed

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