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Better. Cheaper. Faster. Most organizations are turning to analytics to achieve these business goals.

And increasingly, they are demanding that their analytics infrastructure and people can manage more data, respond with more speed, adapt to more change, and support more decision makers. Agility and flexibility are no longer choices - they are requirements.

Tackling these challenges with BI reports, spreadsheets, databases, visualization tools, and traditional audit software doesn't work. They are too difficult to use, too slow to respond with the information, or don't have the analytic horsepower needed for today's complex, Big Data environments .

Have you ever said, "I don't trust that number?" That's because many analytic tools don't give you the vision into the underlying data - leading to errors, missed insights, and wasted efforts.

Have you ever said, "It's difficult to bring those data sources together?" That's because most analytic tools don't have the capacity to handle the data you need or they can't give you the fine-tuned control you need to get the answers you want.

The Lavastorm Analytics Platform and its Lavastorm Analytics Engine transform how companies tackle data challenges to achieve breakthrough business results.

The company's agile data management and analytic software gives analysts new powers to harness data in an era of exploding complexity, to discover new insights and to continuously improve business results.

Are you ready to for agile data management? Call us to see how MindStream and Lavastorm can help you become your organization's Data Hero!

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Finance professionals must be put into a position where they can spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it. Predictive analytics technologies enable you predict what will happen in the future with confidence, so that you make better business decisions. You can apply modeling techniques to discover trends in your structured and unstructured data, and then deliver optimized, empowered business decisions.


To transform customer attitudes, you must create personalized experiences to which they can relate. This may entail competing for customers that use mobile devices and social media, data that is growing at an incredible rate. As all of the three "s" - variety, volume and velocity - of both structured and unstructured data increase, so does the demand for analytic capabilities to keep up with it all.


The ability to optimize operations within a company typically depends on a decision maker's ability to react upon the right information at the right time. Information that is delivered on demand, in real-time will increase operating margins and improve process efficiency. Analytics for operations aims to enable you to respond at the moment you need to.


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