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  • Data Integration

    Today, there may be real-time or near real-time availability of data in say three different systems, but they may not talk to each other. Thus, important customer signals are being missed in the ever-increasing amounts of data. Gaining visibility and reducing complexities transcends merely applying technology in silos. Making real-time decisions requires an optimal blend of predictive analytics from multiple data sources.

  • Customer Engagement

    Firms that want to be proactive in reaching out to customers must analyze a great deal more information than ever before. The 'voice of the customer' is useless unless you are ready to take action. Real-time listening across channels may identify customer interactions - across technology platforms - that can lead to real-time decisions on taking action. The voice of the customer comes in different forms - and ends up generating volumes of quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Mobility

    Mobile access pairs naturally with your analytics, social and cloud strategies to provide an 'anytime, anywhere' element to making real-time business decisions. Mobility is a key component to completing your real-time engagement model. Viewed in a silo, mobility is not much more than a nifty gadget. When part of a connected analytics strategy, this a-z approach is changing the way business is done across the value chain - collaborative, distributed and virtualized.




IBM (NYSE: IBM) Business Analytics and Optimization Services draws on Mindstream's deep expertise in vertical industries, research, mathematics and information management. We help clients both improve the speed and quality of business decisions while better understanding the consequences and business outcomes of those decisions. The emergence of new smarter systems, which are interconnected, paired with the streaming of real time information, is presenting organizations with a unique opportunity to transform decision-making. In an exciting piece of recent research, the IBM Institute of Business Value surveyed 900 business and IT executives from 70 countries. The research identified nine levers that differentiate top performing organizations from their competitors. It also highlights how these levers work together to amplify the value delivered by analytics. The study also uncovers that analytic implementation strategies need to support business objectives, and the technology in place needs to support the analytics strategy. The IBM Big Data @ Work survey confirms that most organizations are currently in the early stages of big data planning and development efforts, with the majority focused either on understanding the concepts (24 percent) or defining a roadmap related to big data (47 percent). However, 28 percent of respondents are in leading-edge organizations that are implementing big data pilots, proofs of concepts or have already implemented big data solutions. For more information about IBM Business Analytics and Optimization solutions, please visit the MindStream Analytics IBM Showcase. Wherever you are on your journey, MindStream Analytics will assist with creating an Analytics Road Map from your vision, in support of your business objectives, so that the right technology will be in place to support your Analytics strategy.

Oracle Platinum Partner


Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's largest enterprise software company. MindStream is an Oracle Certified Platinum Partner and specializes in Oracle's Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, and Big Data Analytics solutions. Among a number of accolades, We are honored to be recognized as a leading Oracle partner in Managed Services and 'Drill-Back' to anything Oracle (and beyond). We are your 'hands-on' Oracle experts. There is more than one way to 'drill-back'. MindStream has also developed a customized, enhancement for Oracle's Hyperion FDQM to enable its clients to drill-back from Hyperion Applications into any source system. Our custom Source Adapter for Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Drill-into-anything (DIA), enhances and extends the functionality of Oracle's ERPi. As an innovator and market leader, Oracle's own ERPi development team, led by Michael Van der Merwe, has used MindStream's DIA code for validation testing of its most recent ERPi version. MindStream has also been recommended to clients by this Oracle team for our expertise, experience, and proficient delivery of our unique integration and drill back solutions. Oracle Exalytics is the industry's first engineered system for in-memory analytics that delivers extreme performance for Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management applications. Built using best in class hardware, market- leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology, Oracle Exalytics is an optimized system that delivers speed of thought analysis with unmatched intelligence, simplicity and manageability. For customers evaluating Oracle Exalytics, an engineered system for in-memory analytics, MindStream Analytics houses an Oracle Exalytics machine dedicated to 'sandbox' environment testing.



DSS is a company that exemplifies the innovative spirit, delivering IT solutions that drive business value. From our Tier III Data Center to our 24/7 Service Desk to the full portfolio of IT products, consulting and support that DSS provides, we continually strive to produce high-quality, beyond standard solutions to exceed the expectations of our customers. We help organizations simplify infrastructure management, improve productivity, and optimize IT resources. And we deliver the quality you expect from industry leaders with the personal attention, flexibility and value you seek from a local partner. With DSS, you have a partner you can trust to help you optimize and manage IT, allowing you to focus on strategic priorities.



Founded in 1986, Tagetik is a trusted provider of Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence software for budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, close, reporting, disclosure and more. Tagetik is one of the fastest growing global software companies in the Performance Management software industry.

One Stream


OneStream Software is an independent EPM software company beholden to only our customers. Our customers are our only investors and their success is our mission. We will continually listen to their changing needs to determine the direction of our product, service and support. We will never compromise on quality or their success. OneStream delivers the FIRST truly unified solution for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). OneStream XF's revolutionary Extensible Dimensionality delivers a unified corporate data structure along with business unit operational independence. We are changing the game in Enterprise Performance Management by allowing business units to add and maintain their own extended detail and dimensions (accounts, products, regions, channels, departments, etc.), without compromising the integrity of the corporate data structure.



Decisyon 360 is the first-and-only platform that unifies analytics, planning, collaboration, and process execution -- all in the same social workspace. Collaborative BI and operational performance management solutions built with Decisyon accelerate smart decision-making and transform decisions made into actions taken in real-time.

Decisyon customers call it speed-to-value - claiming:

  • 15% -- 40% reduction in development time and costs.
  • Up to 25% saving in FTE costs related to planning process activities.
  • Up to 100% improvements in data quality and planning accuracy.
  • 20% -- 35% reduction in time required for planning processes.
  • Agility to quickly transform critical business processes and respond to changing market conditions.

With Decisyon, you can eliminate the need for multiple applications and extensive coding to create solutions. Decisyon 360 unifies everything in a single meta-data model:

  • Social Workspaces.
  • Collaborative Business Intelligence.
  • Operational Performance Management.
  • Analytics.
  • Planning and Forecasting.
  • Execution into Workflows.
  • Structured and Unstructured Data.
  • Full Mobile Support.

MindStream Analytics was selected to become a Charter partner of Decisyon. As a first mover in unifying social collaboration with analytics, we look forward to discuss how we can assist you in transforming your organizational agility.

SQL Stream

SQL Stream

MindStream Analytics, in partnership with SQLStream, can enhance the value of 'live' and real-time data in a way that offers significant insights at the point of contact. Predictive Analytics and Sentiment Analysis are changing the way we 'see' into the future. Analytics makes streaming analytics matter, so you won't be moving forward with a view primarily out of your rear-view mirror. Consider just this tip of the iceberg, on being proactive rather than reactive, with Streaming Analytics:

  • Real-Time Customer Experience - Achieve improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with a real-time 360o customer view.
  • Better Consumer Loyalty - Provide real time, optimized promotions with upsell and cross sell, with an average of a 60% increase in margins (McKinsey, on retailers leveraging Big Data Analytics).
  • Enhanced Cyber Security - A triple-digit growth in attacks and increasing sophistication has escalated the fight in monitoring identify theft and preventing fraud, which we can help combat with automated actions and sophisticated real-time rules.



Talvis Savant iPhone app that can submit a query to Essbase by asking a question or sending a text based question. It's like 'Siri' for Essbase. The query results can be returned as text and simply spoken to you. They will also appear in table and graph formats. Additional data points can then be added to modify the results set.

Savant is voice activated. Simply ask a question, and Savant takes it from there! You also have the option of typing in your question or selecting a prior question from your favorites. Here's how it works:

NUANCE VOICE RECOGNITION Your voice query is translated to a textual representation using best in class voice recognition provided by Nuance.

QUERY CODING Proprietary software is used to translate your question into XMLA, which provides universal data access to any standard multidimensional data.

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL DATABASE Most companies use multi-dimensional databases like Oracle Essbase to store financial and metric data. Savant harnesses the speed of these databases by translating your query in milliseconds.

HIERARCHICAL TABLES Multi-dimensional keyword tables are customized to give you access to your information using English sentences.

RESULTS SET Your query results are formatted into an interactive pivot table or graph and can be modified by adding, changing or deleting information, and it's all done with the power of your voice.

The iPhone application provides an easy way to access Essbase information. To see how Savant would work with your Essbase data, give us a shout - we love to do custom demos of Savant!