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  • Performance Management

    You can have timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence to plan and control your entire organization. MindStream will bring all of your management systems together to provide what you need, when you need it. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) focuses on strategic, financial and operational level enabling organizations to more effectively run their business.

  • Cloud and Managed Services

    More than half of the world's largest companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud by year-end 2016, Gartner predicts. The appeal of cloud and managed services, with its potential to reduce capital expenses and enable greater IT agility, is proving strong enough to convince companies to entrust their data to a services provider. MindStream can provide a fully managed solution for your business.

  • Business Analytics

    From Big Data to Business Intelligence we can help you select and integrate the right tools to help you succeed. Predictive? Streaming? Visualization? MindStream Analytics has deep experience across a wide variety of solutions for your industry: Business Services, Consumer Products, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Telecommunication.

Company Philosophy

Our company is made up of a dedicated team of professionals who have pooled resources to create a powerful network of people who all share our collective company purpose and values.

We share fundamental beliefs that have helped us create a highly dynamic and interactive organization. As an organization, we maintain a continual level of flexibility and power of choice over our decisions to provide the highest degree of relevancy for the future. We maintain that an open, participative, and cooperative leadership team is essential to support a universal level of corporate buy-in to our fundamental beliefs, and prevent a single point of failure within our management system.

For more information on how MindStream Analytics can help you, contact us at info@mindstreamanalytics.com


To deliver premier consulting services solutions to clients by enhancing technology and aligning resources through systemic process to harness insight and enable financial and operational fact-base decision making.


All of our activities are grounded in and oriented towards the success of our clients , our partners, and our employees. Our success is measured through the following areas:

  • Our clients satisfaction for project delivery on-time and on budget
  • 100% client reference-ability
  • Quantifiable assessments with both quantitative and qualitative results provided by a proven track record of delivery and analysis


  • To provide our clients with world-class service
  • To enhance the design, development, and optimization of our Clients financial and operational reporting and analytical solutions
  • To focus our efforts on a continuously changing leading edge of technicaland analytic development
  • To align actions today, for better results tomorrow


  • Integrity - steadfastly adhere to high moral principles and professionalstandards
  • Learning - continually seek knowledge and expertise through both results and mistakes
  • Flexibility - maintain ability to change through innovation and evolution
  • Partnership - encourage cooperation among individuals, partners and clients
  • Passion - engender both personal and professional commitment in everything we do
  • Growth - relentless pursuit of development for our clients, our employees and ourselves

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