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  • Data Integration

    Today, there may be real-time or near real-time availability of data in say three different systems, but they may not talk to each other. Thus, important customer signals are being missed in the ever-increasing amounts of data. Gaining visibility and reducing complexities transcends merely applying technology in silos. Making real-time decisions requires an optimal blend of predictive analytics from multiple data sources.

  • Customer Engagement

    Firms that want to be proactive in reaching out to customers must analyze a great deal more information than ever before. The 'voice of the customer' is useless unless you are ready to take action. Real-time listening across channels may identify customer interactions - across technology platforms - that can lead to real-time decisions on taking action. The voice of the customer comes in different forms - and ends up generating volumes of quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Mobility

    Mobile access pairs naturally with your analytics, social and cloud strategies to provide an 'anytime, anywhere' element to making real-time business decisions. Mobility is a key component to completing your real-time engagement model. Viewed in a silo, mobility is not much more than a nifty gadget. When part of a connected analytics strategy, this a-z approach is changing the way business is done across the value chain - collaborative, distributed and virtualized.

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MindStream Analytics is a leading consulting firm focused on helping clients improve business understanding and decision making. With years of experience in the analytics and Business Performance Management area, MindStream offers customers services ranging from software selection and implementation to best practices for financial planning.

MindStream will work with customers towards a solution that enhances value and offers more insight into their data. MindStream believes in the power of technology combined with new procedures to give customers better analytic capabilities.

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